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Intermittent BSOD - Ntoskrnl.exe At Fault?

Windows Snap Function

HELP! Problem Downloading Screensaver

Reverted Back - Where Did Those Updates Go?

2 Computers Exact Hardware - Can Windows Be Authorized On Both?

Why Is So Much Of My Ram Being Used?

Win 7 Pro BSOD Pool_corruption

Some Programs Dispay Japanese Not English

Change Taskbar Icon Width For A Specific Application

Battery Doesnt Calculateremaining Time

Import Vista Mailboxes To Windows 7

Windows.win Error During Full Destructive Factory Reset

Can't Find My Userid Under Users In Windows Explorer

Windows 7 BSOD Errors '0x0000003b' And '0x00000050'.

Buy 1080p Decal/badge For Laptop

WinTV-HVR-1850 Product Issues

New Install & Lost All Documents

Windows Explorer Navigational Drop "feature"

Paused BitLocker And Now Unresponsive

DWM.EXE Memory Spikes

Broken Folder Options

Os Can't Save Username & Pass For Internet Connection

Can I Move MBR To Different Hard Drive?

Desktop Background Slide Show Doesn't Work

Problem . Iphone 4 Not Being Detected By The Windows

How To Minimize Notebook Start Up Time From Standby


Can The 'Upgrade To Windows 10' Update Be Deleted

How Do I Reformat A Hard Drive After Transferring Windows 7 License?

Windows Updates Built To Slow Down Chrome?

Unable To Boot Into Windows

Dual Boot Issues

Reset Button Goes To Windows Did Not Shutdown Properly Screen

Windows 7 Doesn't Start Up After Updating

Cant Able To Go To Able To Go Hiberate Mode

File Properties Editing Tags Library Of Words/Suggestions

After Enabling Wireless Network Connection It's Still Not Working

Windows Clean Install Q.

BSOD Occasionally--But Mostly Freezing Requiring Re-boot

Think I May Have Screwed Up My Registry.

Is It Possible To Select A Partition To Boot From In The BIOS?

BSOD Error Few Minutes After Pc Started

Headphone Jack Not Working Right (BootCamp

Startup Repair Failure - Now Wont Let Me Reinstall Windows

Windows Error After Burning A File Using Convertxtodvd

Windows Only Boots When I Use A Bootable USB

BSOD Crashes Lately

Windows 10 Stopping My Updates

Windows 10 Update Icon

Installing Win 10 To Vhd

Window/lexmark Printer Issues

How To Increase Windows Blur.

Where Do I Find The Information Re Chipset Used On My Laptop

BSOD Windows Seven Wake From Sleep

Inconsistent BSOD/Freeze/Restart Issues - Fresh OS Install Didn't Fix

Programs Not Working After Upgrade.

Accessing NAS 0x80070035 Error

My Win 7 X64 Doesn't Work Correctly With DDR3

Freeze About 5-10 Seconds After Log In

Mysteriously All My Files Are Missing After Windows Update

No Audio Is Coming From Computer Because Of Service "windows Audio"

Ntoskrnl.exe Crashing Computer Once On Start-up?

Memory Usage Problem

Regular Crash After Startup

Every Day My Computer Requires Ipconfig /release

Task Bar Issues - Basic

Taskbar Graphics Glitch?

A Good Website For Windows Upgrades

Minimize/Maximize Windows With Mouse?

Windows Corrupted

I Came Here To Get Some Help.Ge Force 210

Numerous BSODs With Various Error Codes

KB Updates Override Previous Privacy Settings For Sharing Telemetry

Windows 7 Cannot Auto-detect Audio I/O

UTorrent And BSOD

Varios BSOD Crashes On New PC

Not Able To View My Camcorder In Device Manager And Capture My Minidv

Taskbar Inactive Upon Startup

Wireless Connection Not Working (after 2 Adapters)

My Computer Doesnot Restart The Further The More

Windows Is Lying

Win7 Home 32 Bit BSOD And Update Failure

Windows 10 Optimize Drives

Old Version Of Command Prompt And Cannot Run Scannow

Function Keys Failure After Partial System Reinstall

Photo Viewer GUI Glitch When Maximizing Window

Computer Restarts Instead Of Shutting Down After Windows Update.

How Do I Upgrade My Pc From An Iso File?

Looking For Better Font Smoothing In Windows 7

Change Color Of Highlighted (not Selected) Items?

Rotating Slide Show Not Working

Frequent BSOD And Display Freezing

System Resets Things After MS Updates

Samba Devices/Computers Can't Access Windows 7.

Takes Too Long To Install Usb Flash Drivers

New Update - No Connection To Network

Possible To Go "back" To Search Window?

1st BSOD Then Windows 7 Freezes After Random Time (30 Min To 1 Hour)

Windows Help & Support Can't Find The Internet

MsMpEng.exe = CPU Usage 100%

Possible To Run Software On Multiple Useraccounts At Same Time?

Last Nights Update Cause Anyone Else Problems?

Can't Upgrade To Windows 10

Getting Chrome Has Stopped Working Popups But Chrome Still Runs Fine

PCs For Media Creation

No Audio

Wireless Not Working After Windows Update? New Laptop

I Do Not Have The Little Icon To Reserve Windows 10

Constant BSOD On Friends PC

I Have Trouble Clicking On Certain Random Links. They Just Won't Open.

Compatibility Mode Not Working After Downgrading From Windows 10 To 7

Boot Critical File

Windows 7 Registry/drivers Problem

Homegroup Not Working Correctly

Music Folder W10

Can't Store User Files On WinRE Partition?

BSOD Ntoskrnl.exe+dd53c

Icons Disppearing At Taskbar

Delay The Taskbar.

Do Updater Programs Slow The Startup?


Radeon Mobility HD 4570 Not Working After Win 7 Upgrade

Windows 7 Restarted To Boot Manager And Now Won't Turn On

Explorer Transparency And No Blur.

Task Bar Icons

Pc Stops Bit By Bit Until It Needs A Restart

Additional Question On Win 7 Upgrade

Wont Change From Speakers To Headphones

Outlook Mail - Windows

Most Of The Non-default Progam Folders In My Start Menu Are Empty.

After Activating Windows

What Happened To Custom Desktop Taskbars?

Not Responding When Trying To Set Up Folder Sharing

ISCSI & Windows 7

How To Get Screensaver To Kick In.now A Grey Blank Screen

Taskbar Items All Lumped Together After Ungrouping

BSOD When Using Virtual Box

40 Min Boot Up

Sound Goes Off After 10 Minutes

Weird Problem With HD4000 Graphic Driver

Tool To Maintain Uniform Sound Volume In W7?

Volume Level Keeps Resetting To 30%

Windows 10 Compatibility Appraiser Will Not Start Manually

HELP! Win 7 Crashed. Will Not Boot Up

Windows 7 SP1 Registry Database

New To Windows 7 Can Not Get Skype Or Incredimail To Work

Questions About Default Programs

Trouble With Installing Windows 7 64 Bit

Problem Connecting To Network

Snapping - Resizing Browser

Undesired Updates

Is Windows 10 A Virus

No Longer Recognizes Printers

How To Customize The Color Of Window Title Bar?

Screensaver Problems

Constant BSOD On Brand New Setup

No Permission To Remove A Folder On MY COMPUTER?

OEM Pro To Retail Pro Without A Reinstall; Just Change Keys. Possible?

BSOD Crash After AVG Scan

Accidental Removal Of Sound Device

Broken Update; Cannot Boot Win7 In Normal Mode Without Immediate Bsod

Unwanted "MS Enterprise" Trying To Install

Did I Get Myself Into A Bind With A Clean Install?

Windows Vista (unactivated) To Windows 7 Via Upgrade?

Laptop Always Showing Errors On Install

Computer Boot Is Mess Up After Installing Windows 8 And Switching Back

Getting Back My Security By "fixing" User-Account

Bluescreen Crash Randomly

Viewing Open Windows From Taskbar?

Series Of BSOD

Windows Error Recovery After Trying To Revert To Windows 7 From 10

Problem With Icons Position In My Desktop

Random Freezing And Random Bluescreens With Various Error Codes

Start Menu Freeze

SSD / HDD Disk Management Best Practices?

Fresh Install

New Windows 7 Random Black Flicker And BSOD

Don't See How To Update Win 7 Without Installing Win 10

Questions Regarding Different Discs And Activation

Can I Make The Window Tool Bar More Slim ?

Cannot Respond To UAC Elevation Prompts

I Have A Problem Windows Activation

Need Help : PC Crashing Frequently From Past 1 Month.

Another Day Another Problem. Today! REGEDIT Run Entries Disappearing.

Having Trouble Switching From Stereo To 5.1 In Win7x32

Audio Does Not Reach The Bottom

My Computer Section Does Not Refresh

No Network Availability For Wired Connection

How To Centre The Task Bar Icons.

BSOD After Sleep

Windows Explorer Exe Crashes

Multiple BSODS: New Toshiba Laptop

Configuring A Win 7 Install For A System That Will Never Use The Web

Full Screen Application Minimizes And Windows Loses Focus

USB Device Not Detected By All USB Ports After Fresh Install Of Window

BSOD 0x0000003b. Having Hard Time Diagnosing

Windows 7 To 10 Upgrade With SSD Main / HDD Symbolic Links

AMD CPU Scores In Windows 7

Windows Thinks Three Displays Are Still Connected.

Problems With Validity Of Windows After Switching Computers.

Logitech Webcam Video Call Freezes Programs.?

How Do I Get The Latest Build?

Screen Freezes Randomly Without Any Specific Warning.

Windows Update Annoyance

Can't Get All Of My RAID1 Drive Space

BSOD Randomly

Computer Will Not Boot After Windows 10 Install

What's You Opinion On The Aero Interface?

Is Windows Defender As Good As Most Free Anti Virus Software?

Sleep Settings

Is There Anyway I Can Make Speakers Switch To Default Automatically?

I Need An Expert! HD4890 & W7 64b & NO Wide-screen!

Odd (and Seemingly Unfixable) Problem With Low Screen Resolution

Mouse Click Causes Loss Of Window Focus

Windows Crashs On Boot But Fine After? Strage? Any Adice?

Windows Unstable Problem.

Change Your Name For The User Account

Black Screen With "loading Cursor" And No Login Screen On Boot.

How To Make Folder Search Result Show Same Columns As Default View?

What's The Benefit Of UEFI And Install Windows In UEFI Mode?

Weird Network Issue In Build 7068 X64

Skydrive/Office Connection Trouble

IE Disappears From Taskbar On Reboot

Cant Get My Wifi Driver To Work

When I Drag & Drop I Want To See Details View

Audio Problem

Many Issues After A Failed Attempt To Upgrade To Windows 10

Making An Old Windows 3.1 Program Run On W7

Black Screen After Sleep Mode

Boot Damaged After Ubuntu Was Removed

BSOD And Won't Come Back From Sleep Sometimes

Windows 10 Update?

5 Mins To Boot

None Of My Programes Are Opening Help Plz

Upgrading Z68 To Z97 And Debating Win7 Reinstall Options.

My Folders Don't Open

Ntoskrnl.exe Problem?

Default User Folders After Windows Install

Can't Login After Windows 7 Update

How-To Change Color / Hide Windows Photo Viewer Top Bar

Major Issue With Laptop Freezing And BSOD

Many Random BSODs

Generic Usb Camera Worked And Then Stopped Working

How To Edit Device "Friendly Name"

Problem With Installation

BSOD While Downloading From Utorrent

Optimizing Ssd Help

Computer Wake Up Automatically

Update Issues?

BSOD When Updating Drivers Like Adobe Air And Java

Crashing Due To Kernal Power 41

Windows 7: BSOD Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power Event ID: 41

Please Help - Network Connection Problems

File Sharing With Homegroup

Never Reaches Step 10 Of Installation

10-15 Minutes To Boot Up?

Upgrade CD Vs. Full Retail CD

Wired Network Problem

Random BSOD During Gaming

Windows Installation Problem

Windows7 X64 Always Tries To Run Files That Have No Extension

Startup Screen Doesn't Give Dialog Box For Entering Password

Windows 7 Transition To Windows 10 Problem

BSOD Randomly Screens And Reboots

How Do I Make My Taskbar Icons On The Right Side?

How To Move With Items In Group On Taskbar?

All System Sounds Are The Same

BSOD Caused Due To A Specific Torrent File

Trouble Activating After Clean Install On New HDD

Reuse Windows 7 Upgrade

Windows 7 Won't Boot Up After Norton Removed Virus

Getting Several BSODs 0x1E

Windows Freezing Randomly While Working

CBS Log File Help And Windows Corrupt After Virus

Windows 7 Is Crashing.no BSOD

Customize Pinned Apps

Program Shortcut Requires UAC Permission?

Network Status Stuck On "Identifying."

Desktop Stops Responding After Login

BSOD - + Lots Of App Crashes - 6 Months Of Crashes.

I Cannot Run Check Disk After It Is Scheduled

BSOD At Random Times While Doing Random Things

Can't Shrink Volume [SSD]

Touchpad Issues After Win 7 Upgrade

7 Pro Freezes/hangs Up Randomly - No BSOD No Error Code

Latest Windows Updates Causing Problems With Video.

BSOD Randomly Crashes My Laptop And Freezes At Memory Dump 100

Finalize Installation Of Windows 7 On Dell N4110 Laptop Problems

BSOD & Freeze Up

Random BSODS (Info Included)

Does Clipboard Content Get Stored In.

10 Gig Recovery Partiton

Disabling WIN10 Upgrade For WIN7 64 Bit

How Do I Disable Large Onscreen Volume Display NOT Related To Logitech

Computer Hard Locks -

Accidentally Disabled A Recording Device. How Do I Get It Back?

Updates Taking Too Long To Install

Windows Freezes When Copying Large Files AFTER A Search.



Close Program Sound For No Reason

OEM License And Media For System Builder Use

Pirated Win7

Win 7 User Account Administration Problem

Computer Won't Boot Now After Installing Windows 10

Windows 7 Cannot See 4GB Ram

Latop Locks Out Automatically After Inactivity (plugged In)

Windows 7 Taskbar Features Stopped Working

How To Get Pinned Folders To Expand?

Hidden Tweaks To Improve Performance ?

Get Windows 10 App KB3035583

Annoying Volume Control Pop-up

Add A Link On The Left Panel At The Top Of The Start Menu

Toolbar Added To Taskbar Looses Previous Functionality

Upcoming Update For Windows Update

Cascading Windows From The Taskbar

Freeze On Shutdown For 5 Minutes

Can I Customize Specific Font Size Itens On W7?

Network Profiles

Tcp Limit Patch

Disappearing Display?

Why Do I Suddenly Have A "Copy" Of My Printer?

No Sound =[

Installation Disks Missing

Ram Showing Up Wrong In Win 7

Speed Issue With Win 7 Pro X64

Corrupt System Files Can't Recover

Long Boot Up Time

Manual Install Of Missing Update

Application Keeps Recreating Start Menu Entry

Cannot Save A New File To Another Homegroup Computer

Programs Work When Installed Then Don't Work The Next Time I Try

Random Freezes/crashes

Keyboard (drivers?) Slow To Load On Startup

Lost Sound Icon After A Restart After Installing An Unrelated Software

Screensaver 3 Minutes

Slow Boot And Random Slowdowns After Boot.

Cannot Change The Default Playback Device

Network {No Connetion}

Where To Get The Defult Backgrounds?

Upgrading From Home To Pro - Upgrade Key?

BSOD Stop 0x9f And 0x34

Need To Create A Couple Of Data Partitions

Will Upgrading To Windows 10 Break My Customized HTPC?

Folder "group By" Option Is Greyed Out

Sluggish Performance

Installing Older Games On Windows 7 X64.

Strobing Startupscreen

Sleep Problem After Updates

When I Install Windows 7 Feature Disappeared The Touc

BSOD - Ntoskernal Memory_Management And IRQL

Muted Computer!? No Sound - Device/driver Problem?

X-Fi Platinum Working Really Bad

Get Windows 10 App Doesn't Start After Reserving

Should The Taskbar Be Changed In 7 Final?

Resolution Needs Detecting Every Boot Up

Product Key Rejected BEFORE Activation

3 GB Memory Usage

Creative X-Fi Titanium Issue

Windows 10 Upgrade Won't Stop Forcing Itself To Install On My PC.

Windows 7 64-bit Does Not Recognize HP P2015DN USB Printer On Install

BSOD When Downloading Torrents Only

Power Management Not Working?

Taskbar Height

Lost All Quick Launch Icons And More.

Some System Sounds Won't Play

Win7 To Win10 Weird Issue

Sounds Will Not Play When Not Set To Default Ones

IE Explorer Quick Launch Icon- No "Frequent" List When Right Clicked?

Check Disk Will Not Run

Get Rid Of Win 10 Icon After Uninstalling KB3035583

System Repair

Windows 7 Lowers Game Sound When Starting Skype Call

Random BSOD's At Random Times On New PC

Constant Random BSOD

No Audio At All

Can't Transfer AppData To New Computer

Navigating Explorer Creates External Hard Drive Activity (Disabled)

Screen Goes White After 5 Minutes Of Inactivity

Automatically Open A Created Folder

Removing Get Windows 10 Notification

Wireless Card Driver Update SLOWED My Internet Speed Drastically

Not Being Discovered By Other Computers On Network!

How To Move Documents Off Boot Drive?

How To: Auto Hide Taskbar + Always Stay On Top ?

How To Control Timing Of Windows Updates

Multiple Display With DVI And HDMI Not Working

Windows Update Fails + Please Wait On Get Windows 10 App

Windows Screen Flashes

BSOD's Happening All The Time.

Annoying Dialog After A Fresh Install

Documents & Downloads Folders In Win 10

Laptop Goes Blank After 10 Minutes Of Inactivity Until Use Of Mouse

Fan Of Laptop Running At Full Speed Even When Not Playing Games

10-15Minutes Boot Loading Time Windows 7 32Bit (cluberti Please Help)

Various Random BSODs W/ Different Causes

DVD/CD Won't Autorun

Windows Explorer Slow Sort

Problem Using My Pictures Sub-folders As Desktop Slideshow.

Turn On Autoplay For Camera Card Insertion?

Problem Is Activating Windows

How To Make Desktop Shortcut From Start Menu?

Windows Backup Keeps Adding To The Old Backup File

Hibernation After Resuming From Hibernation ?

BSOD After Upgrading My PC

Do Not Have The Get Windows 10 App

Make The Taskbar "Never Combine

Windows 7 Doesn't Play Startup Sound?

Equalizer Missing In Enhancements.

Wifi Adapters (2) No Longer Working

Multi Boot Linux Problem

Freezing Upon Win 7 Start Up.

Why Cant I Shrink This Partition Farther?

Chkdsk Will Not Begin On Reboot

All The Video Players Have 'Stopped Working'. Please Help.

Application Experience Causing My Screen To Random Flash?

How Roll Back Windows Without Reinstalling It.

How To Remove A Homegroup

How Do I Prevent My PC From Sleeping Or Hibernating?

BSOD After Windows Update This Week; Related?

Issues After Installing Updates

Gadgets Snap Vertically

Taskbar Transperancy

Mystify Screen Saver Background

Login Screen And Date And Time Display

Latest Realtek Driver Made My Audio System Sound Terrible

BSoD On My Computer For 3 Consecutive Days

Stuck At Startup After Updating AHCI Driver

Headset Microphone Not Recording When Headset Is Default Audio Device

How Do I Remove Unwanted Homegroup?

I HATE When Windows Restarts In Middle Of Night

IE10 And Inability To View Router Stats

After Updating Itunes. No USB Ports Work On The Login Screen.

Problem When Upgrade My Computer With Tv Card

Can Windows Un Suported Hardware Damage Machine

Problems With Updates To Office 2010

Installing The Free Windows 10 To A VM?

Windows Search - Is It Useless Or Is It Just Me ?

Is Win 10 Crap?

More SSD Tuning Issues.

Removing Hidden Files From Search Or Reseting Search

Change The Installation Language

Troubleshooting BSOD Loop

Computer Crashing And Rebooting W/o BSOD

Windows 10 Upgrade Fails - 8007002C-4000D

BSOD System Hangs When Shutting Down Or Restarting

Unable To Share My Pictures Folder?

New To Windows

Message When I Turn Off The PC

Wiped & Re-installed Win On Asus Notebook - Win 7 Product Key Blocked

Radeon 3300 HD Resolution Problems

Running A Disc Repair On A Ssd


Laptop Sleep Problem

Computer Doesn't Shut Down.

BSOD Win7 Pro 32bit

Homegroup/Networking Access Permissions

Folder From External Drive Into Public Library

Optimized Folder Templates - Editing

Loss Of Wireless Connectivity Windows 7 HP 64-bit (after Update)

Log Into Windows With VPN Then Lock Screen Through Phone

Explain W7 Key Purchases. Difference From Store Bought?

Windows 7 Installation SUPER SLOW On USB Flash Drive

How To Make Start Menu Transparent

No Search Available In 'moved' User Folders - Bug?

Kb2538242 Says Installed Successfully

Repeated Events Warning Re Something Open In My Registry File

Get Rid Of W10 Nag Screens Free Program

Can Sync Calendar Or Send Mail But Not Both

I Did Not Receive Windows10 Notification.

Upgraded MUTE PC

Broadcom Ethernet Driver Issue

Missing Favorites

Just Got Windows 7

Waiting For Windows 7 Official Release .

Problems With Windows Install

BSOD Randomly

Pitaschio Desktop Enchancement Help

Default Laptop Lags Even With SSD?

How Do I Pin To The Right Side Of The Start Menu?

Stop Windows Explorer Remembering Locations?

Recent Crashes W/ BSoD And Reboots

Microsoft Won't Fix Windows 7 Crash Bug Next Week

Hovering Over Desktop Icons Autoselects Several Of Them

BSOD While Game

BSOD - Pool_Corruption Etc.

Cannot Make It Past Windows Is Starting Screen

Random BSOD Crashes With Different Errors

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